Fu, or wheat flour gluten, is a traditional Japanese food with a history of 700 years.
There are various types of fu, such as the flower-shaped Irodori-fu, and the wheel-shaped kuruma-fu.
It is generally used in simmered dishes

Takara Fu

Instant Japanese Soup

Takara-fu (instant Japanese soup) is Fumuroya's original product. It looks like a wafer, but it contains flower-shaped fu and dried vegetables.
Make a hole in the center of the square, put it in a bowl, and pour hot water onto it.
The vegetables and fu will come out of the hole, and you will have instant Japanese soup.
We have various kinds of soup such as miso and sumashi (kelp broth soup).
The soup has different ingredients depending on the season.

How to eat

Kuruma Fu

Boiled food

" Kuruma-fu " is a very traditional fu which has been handed down through the ages in Kanazawa. Since it looks like a wheel of the car, it was named " kuruma(car)- fu ".
Because it easily contains soup and has moderate elasticity, it is suitable for boiled dishes and simmered dishes.
Kuruma-fu is made by rolling the dough into a long stick, baking it over fire, and repeatedly roll over the gluten and bake.
In Kanazawa, Kuruma-fu has been used as an ingredients of oden, tamago (egg) toji, sukiyaki, and other familiar dishes at home.

Oyatsu Fu


Snack-style sweets with a light and fluffy taste, "Oyatsu-fu".

Irodori Fu


"Irodori-fu" is a small sized lovely fu that adds sweetness to the dish as if a small flower bloom. Float in soup or topped in a salad to enjoy different colors and shapes.

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